The light from light transports dynamic information from the other space-time but, for the time being, we cannot “measure” it with tools from this space-time.

As we are part of the universe, we are forced to follow its rules; from both this space-time as well as the ones from the other space-time. As it turns out, the other space-time cannot be researched with all the “machinery” we have, as these are developed and conceived for this space-time.

Taking into consideration this technologic limitation, the study of the other space-time seems to be constrained. However, from my point of view, the strategy to adopt, in order to study the other space-time, implicates moving towards the unknown, accepting it and bringing it into our reality (what is a drop of water in the ocean of Knowledge) and afterwards studying it, always conscious of the immensity of our ignorance.

The only technical tool that I am aware in this space-time, which allows objectifying the other reality, but that has been ignored, is the AD picture. This way, through the AD pictures, taken to people and everything else that surround us, we can establish that there is another reality and realise what is happening in the other space-time.