The two spaces-time medicine

Since the beginning of this space-time medicine, the main part of the human being studied is the physical part. At present, there are proofs the energetic body existence and we witness an interest in how the energetic body affects the physical body. However, both bodies (the physical and energetic) belong to this space-time and, so being, we continue to study only the phenomenon that occurs in this space-time.

Since long forgotten times, there have been talks about another parallel reality that has never been seen but has manifested itself numerous times… it is time to accept that another parallel reality, another space, exists. It is the natural evolution of the knowledge we have been acquiring throughout time.

We need to face the other space-time without fear and with humbly, as we do not know much about it. In the two space-time medicine, the AD pictures can objectify plenty of situations which can be considered as mystical or miraculous.

In the two space-time medicine, although work is been done in the other space-time, this space-time medicine (the conventional one) is not undervalued. All findings to date, as well as those that will be made in the future, are precious for the development of medical technology. However, we should be aware that another reality exists and we are completely dependent on it.

The physical body depends of the energetic body and this one is, in its turn, dependent of the other space-time. To prove so we have the AD pictures.

To date, both the human being and the entire planet are in a critical stage, which can be verified on the day-to-day life. Is it not time to start facing the other space-time, the one we are completely dependent, to try to avoid the downfall we found ourselves in? I am sure it is.