Luminotherapy and medicine of the two space-times

Luminotherapy is the treatment of the human being with light.

With the type of medicine I practice, which I refer to as two space-time medicine, I treat people with light. This type of light has the name of light from light and is captured through a photography technique developed by Alain Masson, a French researcher with whom I worked for a decade doing research and practising in the clinic.

For a long time, there have been references to a parallel reality; one that we do not objectify but that has manifested itself several times. When I speak about the other space-time I am referring to this parallel reality.

In my opinion, this technique, which I have been practising, is the logical step forward in medicine: it acts on the human being; removing whatever prevents the harmonious work of the self-healing mechanisms.

In the majority of cases, the reason for the self-healing mechanisms not to work is memories.

In this context, memories are bad experiences (traumatizing) that happened in a recent or distant past and were not fully integrated in the physical, mental, emotional and energetic of someone’s body.

In the many approaches used to treat the human being, what are treated are the symptoms and not the actual cause of the disease. This means the disease, which manifested itself at the time, might disappear but whatever cause it is still active and the symptoms might reappear in the same or in a different way.

In the two space-time medicine, the human being is approached and treated always taking into consideration both realities: the space-time of shapes, the one that we see; and the other space-time which we do not see but manifests itself.

The memories, which I have mentioned beforehand, are part of other the space-time and, only when we act at its level, can they be properly treated.